Trust is great...But transparency is better!

  • 21-06-2017

Without a doubt the most valuable moving assets are people. That said they are also the least predictable and the main cause of incidents. Of course the value of every individual is the same but in the industry there is an additional difference...

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  • 12-06-2017

Statistics on all activities on the premises. Generate highly accurate benchmarks on jobs, unit rates and projects. Set filters and notifications on contracting companies, individuals, area's and hours. Management and Control made easy. 

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Assets, assets, assets?and IoT

  • 30-05-2017

When one talks about assets and asset management the scope is almost unlimited. Therefor I would like to point out the possible IoT value for moving assets such as: People, Powered assets and non-powered assets. I will discuss these three movin...

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Keep an eye on your most valuable assets!

  • 25-05-2017

24/7 visibility on personel and contractors. This enables you to set alarms and have accurate hour registration. In the case of an evacuation see the location of all missing individuals

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